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2009 Convention

  • 06 Apr 2009 7:45 PM
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    Well, another convention completed, but not in the books. I would like any comments about the convention for an article on the content, impressions, reviews or anything. For those who did NOT come, what you would like to see at the convention? What programs you would like? Topics to be covered? Location preferences..... OR ANYTHING. Let me know so we can do our planning for next year. As for those who did come what did you like, not like, want to see more of, where to go, and timing, extra activities? Did you like the shorter format we did this year?

    If there is anything you don't want to put on the open forum -, Please contact me dierctly at tim@amawning.com

  • 06 Apr 2009 9:31 PM
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    I thought this years expo went well. The shop tours were very well received, I think we should maintain this practice when possible. The shorter expo format seemed to be appreciated. The loss of only one workday (Friday) doesn't seems to be an issue. 

    I would like to suggest that WE (myself included) need to incorporate WCPA membership benefits when talking with our customers and industry contacts. I feel there is a lot be gained by membership, and some are unaware. In these discussions please ask to visit our new website and feedback would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to 2010


  • 11 Apr 2009 1:50 AM
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    Thanks Lee, I think the shorter format was much easier to fit into our work week. The shop tours were fantastic. For either the supplier or fabricator it covered the full range and showed quality operations from every aspect. That is one of the nice points having the convention within a large urban area with so many suppliers, manufacturers, and fabricators.

    The seminars were very good with Howard giving another stellar presentation. Roy story of his tough start and ultimate success was very enjoyale to listen to.  I would like to see more technical and fabricator presentations to provide information on new methods compared to old ones. What is completely different and what is pretty close to the same.  We could squeeze couple of sessions on Friday morning and do tours in the afternoon, and/or one more Sat afternoon. It would be a very busy convention but really be packed with information.

    Wataya think?........hello?.......HELLO..... Com'on folks, give me some feedback here.... ....AllyAllyOttsenFree...........hello?.... 


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