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New Activities at the WCPA

  • 20 Jan 2009 10:14 PM
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    New Activities at the WCPA
    October 2006

    Dear WCPA Members and Non-Members:

    I am writing to you to make an important announcement regarding new and exciting activities to be conducted by WCPA. The WCPA Board of Directors took action at its September meeting to create position papers as well as public announcements on issues important to our industry and our members which are certain to bring added value to you as a part of your WCPA membership.

    Included will be such topics as:
    • "How to Deal with Local and State Government Policies which Effect our Industry"
    • "Techniques to Promote Public Understanding of How our Members Bring Value to the Consumer"
    • "Exterior Shading Vis-à-Vis Energy Savings for Businesses and Homes"
    • "Purchasing Lean...or How to Get the Most from Suppliers"
    • "Current FR Issues Vis-à-Vis Government Regulations"
    • "Getting Rid of the Dinosaurs in our Business Practices”
    • "The WCPA Activities at the IFAI Expo"

    Where applicable, public announcements in the form of Press Releases to local media will follow up the Position Papers. The focus of these efforts will be to present information on how our industry provides valuable resources to those who use our products and services.

    We look forward to inputs from you, our WCPA members, on subjects in addition to those above that you would like us to address for the Position Papers and Public Announcements. In the meantime, we also look forward to meeting and greeting WCPA members at our Booth #871 at the IFAI EXPO in Atlanta at the end of October.

    Bud Weisbart
    Member of the WCPA Board


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